Hoe kun je het scheuren van lenzen voorkomen?

torn lenses

Torn lenses are very annoying. If you wear daily contact lenses, there is not much to worry about. But if your new monthly lenses tear, this can be extremely frustrating. Especially when you don't have a new lens at hand. Some people happen to ruptured lenses more often than others. Soft lenses are a lot more comfortable than hard lenses. That is why most people choose soft lenses. Unfortunately, these are also a lot more fragile. Read our tips and avoid torn lenses in the future.


How to prevent torn lenses

We have listed a number of tips for you that will hopefully prevent your lenses from tearing.

  • Clipping nails – The most common cause of torn contact lenses is due to long nails. If you remove your contact lenses, do so with your index finger and thumb, without the lens coming into contact with your nails. The chance of damaging or tearing your lenses is greater with long nails. So keep your nails short to avoid a torn lens. Even if you want to remove your lenses from the lens case, do this with the tip of your finger and not with your nail. 
  • Double-folded lens – Sometimes your lens folds in half, if you then pull the lens apart without using contact lens solution, you risk tearing or damaging it. It is best to place a double-folded lens in the palm of your hand and drip a few drops of lens solution over it. Then gently rub your lens open.
  • drain drug – Cracked contact lenses are more common when the lenses are dry. Dry lenses harden and break very easily. Therefore, never store your lenses dry, but also do not use water or any other liquid except contact lens solution to hydrate your lenses.
  • Fill lens case – Always fill your lens case all the way to the brim. Being frugal is not wrong at all, but if you use less lens solution, the lens can stick to the dry edge. This way you can easily damage the lens.

What should you do with damaged or torn lenses?

If you have a torn or damaged lens, you should no longer wear it. Even if it's just a small tear on the side. Therefore, immediately remove a torn lens from the eye. Check that no piece of lens is left in your eye. If necessary, rinse your eyes with a special cleaning fluid. If your eyes feel uncomfortable or sore after removing the lenses, consult an optician in your area as soon as possible to be sure.

After the checkup, place a new lens in your eye. These are available in our webshop. 

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